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Staring At Screens All Day?

Imagine that you have to devote more than 10 hours a day to screen time, this means: you pay approximately 3650 hours every year gluing your eyes at a digital screen.

Such excessive screen time is among the main reasons why more and more people get afflicted by vision problems. In fact, 58% of American adults were recorded to have eye strain or many other vision symptoms in 2016. And this very same issue can happen to you.

But don’t worry…

Put your mind at ease NOW with

Lunar Reader

1. Lunar Reader’s Dark Mode will change all websites to a stunning dark theme. You can also customize this Dark Mode to fit your likings, from Brightness, Contrast, to Grayscale level:

lunar reader dark mode

2. If a website looks too bright, simply activate Night Shift mode and enjoy a much warmer and more pleasant tone for your eyes:

3. Although having a beautiful dark theme can be extremely useful, sometimes you want to keep certain websites unchanged. In that case, let’s get Blacklist Mode and Whitelist Mode into action:

  • With Blacklist Mode, all websites entered on this list will not be affected by the extension, while you can still enjoy other sites in Dark Mode or Night Shift mode.
  • With Whitelist Mode, you can choose to only change theme of specific websites, and all other sites will remain the same. 

To use Blacklist or Whitelist Mode, simply heads to the Site List section and you can easily switch between these two modes with one click. 

4. And finally, do you want activate Dark Mode or Night Shift mode at specific time? Just go to Schedule section, setup your favorite time, and switch on your wanted schedule mode. The extension will automatically switch on the respective modes for you and you don’t have to enable/disable them manually.

lunar reader schedule

How to use Lunar Reader?

Top Section

  • Power button: clicks here to activate/deactivate Lunar Reader.
  • [Website] On/Off switch: the website box indicates the current website you’re opening. Clicks on On/Off switch to add/remove the displayed website into/from the Blacklist. The websites in Blacklist will not be affected by this extension (you can check Blacklist from Site List section).
  • Options button: clicks here to open the options popup.

General Section

  • Dark Mode On/Off switch: clicks here to activate/deactivate Dark Mode
    • Brightness slider: to adjust brightness level
    • Contrast slider: to adjust contrast level
    • Saturation slider: to adjust saturation level
  • Night Shift On/Off switch: clicks here to activate/deactivate Night Shift mode
    • Color Temperature slider: to adjust the color temperature from Less Warm to More Warm
  • Default button: clicks here to revert all settings in this section back to default.

Site List Section

Featuring two modes:

  • Blacklist Mode: this list will be activated by default. When this list is selected, all websites in the list below will not be affected by Lunar Reader.
  • Whitelist Mode: when this list is selected, this extension will only affect the websites in the list below only.

*Note: Only one list can be activated at a time, either Blacklist or Whitelist.

You can switch between the two lists via the Blacklist Mode/Whitelist Mode button.

Each of them has different list. You can add new website, edit, or delete individual site from the list. You can also click on Clear List button to quickly remove all websites from a list.

Schedule Section

You can choose the time to fit your needs, then activate/deactivate time schedule feature for each mode (Dark Mode and Night Shift). Both schedules can be activated simultaneously.

And that’s it!

Protect Your Eyes Now. For Free!

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