Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the extension asks for my permissions to read website data?

A: The extension needs these permissions so that it can analyze and modify website appearence, depending on whether a website is disabled by your settings or use site-specific rules. We do not insert ads, malwares, collect your data, or do any other underhanded activities.

Q: Why Chrome Web Store still looks white even after I installed the extension?

A: Chrome Web Store inherently is not affected by all Chrome extensions, including this one.

Q: Why my new tab page remains white?

A: This extension cannot change the appearance of Chrome new tab page. Instead you have to other Chrome extensions which are specfically designed for that purpose.

*We recommend checking out’s extension if you want to change new tab page’s appearance.

Q: Why the extension does not work?

A: This problem can happen when you have multiple dark mode extensions activated at a time. In such case, we recommend checking out the page: chrome://extensions/ and disable all dark mode extensions, except for Lunar Reader.

If it still does not work, remember to check out Site List feature and see which list is activated: Blacklist Mode or Whitelist Mode. In Whitelist Mode, only the extension on this list will be affected by this extension.

And if those methods do not work, please send us Feedback!

Q: How to use this extension in incognito mode?

A: Go to chrome://extensions page > look for Lunar Reader > click Allow in incognito.